Ed Fearnley - Eb Bass

Ed started playing in the early 70s with the Warrington Latchford Silver Band and the Cheshire County Youth Brass Band. He then played with the National Youth Band of Great Britain at the invitation of the late and great Harry Mortimer. He then had a large break from banding to play keyboards/synths in a number of rockbands in the North West throughout the 1980s. He returned to banding in 1991 playing BBb Bass with the Harrogate Band for many years and was privileged to participate in their journey to Championship section. He joined the Ripon City Band in 2015 when an EEb Bass chair became available. He also plays for his local band, Summerbridge and Dacre Band, as do his 3 sons, who also play for the Tewit Youth Band. The eldest, Joseph (Joe), also plays with the Ripon City Band.