Henry Mills

Henry has been playing drums for around 7 years and it is the only instrument he plays. He started his banding career when he was 11 when he joined Tewit Youth Band. He worked his way through the ranks of the band and now sits as the Principal Percussionist of their senior band. During his fairly short playing career he has played with some great bands; White Rose Concert Band, Knaresborough Silver Band for 2 years, and the Harrogate Symphony Orchestra as well as both Tewit and Ripon. Banding has given him some great experiences and allowed him to perform in some astounding venues, one of which includes the Symphony Hall Birmingham. He has competed at the Youth Band National Finals since 2011 at the RNCM. He has also competed at 3 area competitions and 2 national finals in Cheltenham.
 "Brass banding is wonderful and has played a big part in the person I am today."